Convene : NYC Energy Dialogue

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Beginning in December 2000, ICIS took on a sponsorship role for a new initiative aimed at improving planning and decision-making process surrounding electric power generation in New York City. Convening a dialogue on these issues fit well with the ICIS mission in several dimensions; 1) raising public awareness about infrastructure and the numerous benefits and impacts that it generates for our society, 2) improving stakeholder involvement in infrastructure, 3) improving infrastructure decision processes specifically by broadening planning approaches beyond a single system, and 4) focusing attention on energy facilities as an infrastructure system. The Dialogue was co-sponsored by the Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the New York Building Foundation Development Institute.

ICIS is a part of a consortium of NYU centers and programs that received a small grant from the NY Community Trust to develop work in this area. ICIS is continuing to pursue support for renewing roundtable discussions again for Winter 2001/2002. The January and February Dialogue meetings uncovered many commonalities among stakeholders thereby presenting opportunities for future meetings. Following the conclusion of roundtable discussions, ICIS will produce a report detailing the roundtable process and the particular outcomes in terms of revised planning, decision-making, and public participation processes. The report will be included as part of a "best practices" manual.