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During 2001 New York University began collaboration with external websiteRISD with the goal of developing and promoting a highly integrative, interdisciplinary instructional approach linking theory and practice for students in civil infrastructure programs. ICIS, the Wagner School and RISD are developing an innovative course involving the design and planning of civil infrastructure. The joint course will link the RISD design studios with the Wagner School's capstone projects in order to give students hands on experience in working across disciplinary boundaries on a common challenge. The projects will promote systemic thinking by bringing design and planning and policy students together to examine how large-scale infrastructure projects can address environmental, social and community issues, as well as aesthetic and design principles. Students from both schools are currently working on the context and design of a new electrical power plant in Ramapo, New York.

Examples of RISD Innovation Studio Work (forthcoming)
Paper by Charlie Cannon (forthcoming)