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Name: Masoud Ghandehari  Title: Assistant Professor
Organization: Polytechnic University of NY

Biography: Masoud Ghandehari is currently an Assistant Professor at Polytechnic University of New York, where he teaches courses in Performance and Durability of materials and structural systems. He obtained his undergraduate and Graduate degrees from Columbia University and Northwestern University, respectively. Prior to joining Polytechnic University, he worked as a research fellow at The National Science Foundation Center for Advanced Cement Based Materials, and The Center for Quality Engineering and Failure Prevention at Northwestern University. He has been involved with a variety of research projects ranging from infrastructure durability issues such as corrosion and permeability in reinforced concrete, to non-destructive testing and interferometric techniques for damage detection. Additionally, He has a number of years of consulting experience with Weidlinger Associates and Geiger Associates in the City of New York, where he gained experience on analysis, design, condition assessment, and rehabilitation of bridges, tunnels, buildings, stadiums and tensile structures. He is an active member of the ASCE Committee on Performance of full-scale structures, sub-committee on Performance of Bridges
and committee on Properties of Materials. He is also a member of the American Concrete Institute fracture of concrete committee, as well as member of the Materials Research Society, Society for Experimental Mechanics, and the American Society for Engineering Education. Education: PhD. Northwestern University. Civil Engineering, 1998; MS. McGill University, Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics, 1993; B.S Columbia University, Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics, 1987.

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