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Web SiteEarthquake Damage of Residential Building Structures
ID No. 129

posted: March 23, 2005
by: ICIS

Created: March 23, 2005
Author: Art Lembo
Description: GIS-based "storyboard"

The 1994 Northridge earthquake caused substantial damage to residential timber buildings in the City of Los Angeles. A database pertaining to this damage was aobtained fromo teh California Office of Emergency Services (OES) and analyzed to understand earthquake effects on residential buildings. This study explains how the database was obtained and how records were used to evaluate the damnage of residential timber structures in the San Fernando Valley area.

OES used a statistical process called regression to correlate building damge and various seismic parameters in order to improve loss estimation procedures and to identify the most reliable seismic parameters for estimating building losses.

To accomplish this task, OES integrated multiple GIS databaases of residential buildings from tax assessor records and household characteristics from the US Census Bureau.
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