Research : Environmental Studies for the South Bronx

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The Environmental Studies for the South Bronx Project is a joint project (funded by the US Environmental Protection Agency) between ICIS, the NYU School of School of Medicine's Institute of Environmental Medicine and four South Bronx community groups - Nos Quedamos, The Point Community Development Corporation, The Sports Foundation and Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice. The objectives of the project are to assess the nature and extent of environmental databases, build an environmental baseline for the community and to begin to involve and train community members in this effort. To that end, ICIS collected data - both existing and new - to build a community knowledge base about environmental conditions in the study area regarding pollution, transportation and waste transfer. This first phase of the study will includes literature reviews; identification, collection and cataloguing of existing data; air quality sampling; creation and implementation of a community training program; and design of a public policy study. This will set the stage for future public health research related to environmental exposures in the study area.

  • South Bronx Data Library (forthcoming)