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Global Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Infrastructure Services
Author: ICIS;
Hurricane Katrina: Societal Impacts of Civil and Environmental Infrastructure in New Orleans
Author: ICIS;
Hypercar, Inc. Website
I3P Funding Opportunities
Increasing the Security and Reliability of the US Electric System
Author: Lester B. Lave, Jay Apt, Alex Farrell, and M. Granger Morgan; Type: Website;
Information Technology (IT) and Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies for Emergency Response
Author: ICIS;
Infrastructure and Health
Author: ICIS;
Infrastructure Support for Emergency Response: Preliminary Criteria and Indicators for Infrastructure Linkages to Emergency Services
Author: Rae Zimmerman;
Large Scale Emergency Readiness (LaSER) Project - Risk Communication, Project Summary
Author: Rae Zimmerman; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Likelihood of People Staying or Leaving in Disaster
Author: Rae Zimmerman and Alison Culpen;
Modeling Spatial Concentration of Transportation Systems to Assess Vulnerability to Natural Hazard and Terrorist Threats
Author: Rae Zimmerman, Carlos E. Restrepo, Jeffrey S. Simonoff, and Zvia S. Naphtali;
NYC Electricity: Achieving Security and Sustainability
Author: ICIS;
Optimizing Resource Allocation for Transportation Infrastructure Protection
Author: Rae Zimmerman;
Organization Based Incident Management: The Role of Volunteers on the University Campus During Catastrophic Events
Author: Rae Zimmerman with T. Fulmer and others from the NYU School of Medicine;
Outside of the Box: Indicator-based Assessments for Terrorist Attacks
Author: ICIS; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Performance measurement for managing infrastructure assets
Author: Detlof Von Winterfeldt and Rae Zimmerman; Type: Website;
Planning for Urban Security with Green Technologies
Author: ICIS;
Planning Tools to Protect Border Area Infrastructure
Author: Rae Zimmerman and Carlos E. Restrepo;
Presentation on the role of the first homeland security center of excellence, the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, and its critical infrastructure mission
Author: ICIS;
Promoting Flexibility in Transportation to Reduce Vulnerability in the Aftermath of Terrorism
Author: ICIS;

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