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Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Terrorism: A Risk-Based Multi-Hazard Approach to Vulnerability Assessment
Author: ICIS;
Public Infrastructure Support For Protective Emergency Services, Project Summary
Author: Rae Zimmerman; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Risk and Economic Costs of a Terrorist Attack on the Electric System
Author: ICIS;
Risk Communication Focus Groups Report
Author: Rae Zimmerman, Carlos E. Restrepo, Wendy Remington and Alison Culpen;
Risk Communication for Large Scale Emergency Readiness (LaSER): Highlights of Preliminary Findings
Author: Alison Kling and Rae Zimmerman;
Risk Communication Indicators for Emergency Response
Risk Management and Risk Analysis-Based Decision Tools for Attacks on Electric Power
Author: Jeffrey Simonoff, Carlos E. Restrepo, and R. Zimmerman;
Risks and Costs of a Terrorist Attack on the Electricity System
Author: Rae Zimmerman, Carlos E. Restrepo, Jeffrey S. Simonoff, and Lester B. Lave;
Robust Transportation and Future Threats: from Terrorism to Climate Change
Author: ICIS;
Security Planning: Protecting Infrastructure and the Public Realm
Author: ICIS;
Social Implications of Infrastructure Network Interactions
Author: Rae Zimmerman; Type: Website;
Starmass Environment Technologies Corporation
Sustainability and Security
Author: ICIS;
Terror-Proof, Except for All the Vulnerabilities
Author: Daniel Altman;
The Epidemiology of Extreme Events: Health and Safety Impacts of Cascading Infrastructure Failures
Author: ICIS;
The Harvey Mudd Way
Author: J. Richard Phillips;
The New York City Region and the University
Author: Rae Zimmerman;
The Next Step: Quantifying Infrastructure Interdependencies to Improve Security
Author: Rae Zimmerman and Carlos E. Restrepo; Type: Website;
Trends and Patterns in Oil and Gas Industry Vulnerabilities
Author: ICIS; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Two Sided Electricity Markets: Self Healing Systems
Author: Richard E. Schuler; Type: Website;

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