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1999 Life Extension Technologies International Workshop

Con Edison Learning Center - Long Island City, New York, USA
Aug 25, 1999—Aug 26, 1999

Improving Sustainability and Coordinated Renewal of Civil Infrastructure Systems with Technology, Life Extension Technologies International Workshop, August 25 & 26, 1999 At the Con Edison Learning Center At a two-day Life Extension Technologies (LET) conference, engineers and managers from the utilities industry, municipal agencies and academia from the U.S., Asia, Europe and Canada convened to hear nearly three dozen speakers share their experiences with emerging new technologies and creative construction methods that they have applied successfully to lengthen the useful life of aging infrastructure systems and to prevent expensive and highly disruptive repairs or replacement. The areas of application were lifeline construction for water and transportation systems, and monitoring and detection systems for water supply. Central to the discussion were the barriers to overcome and incentives to enhance the acceptance of new and creative technology. A comparative perspective of regulatory frameworks was also offered by participants from Europe and Japan, where use of certain technologies is more widespread. The Workshop was developed through the leadership of Professor Tom O’Rourke of Cornell University (Co-Chair of ICIS Executive Committee) and the Polytechnic University Urban Utility Center. The two day event was organized with the support of representatives from Con Edison, KeySpan Energy, Societe Anonyme de Gestion des Eaux de Paris, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, US GasTech, and the Northeast Trenchless Technology Society. Watch the ICIS web page for the forthcoming summary of the proceedings. Life extension technology is just one area of focus for the ICIS Sustainability and Coordinated Renewal (SACR) program which is dedicated to promoting activities that improve infrastructure and its uses in ways that are sustainable. The SACR program is led by Professor Richard Schuler (Cornell University) and Professor William Petak (University of Southern California) with Professor Tom O’Rourke (Cornell University) directing the Life Extension Technologies work.

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