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Second Annual Conference on Infrastructure Priorities: Advancing Innovation - Educating Infrastructure Professionals to Make a Difference

- Glen Cove, NY, USA
Jul 17, 2002—Jul 19, 2002

On July 17-19, the Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems will convene a meeting of educators and practitioners to focus on advancing innovation in the education of infrastructure professionals. The domain of infrastructure has expanded in recent decades from its traditional base in civil engineering to include fields such as planning, design, environment, and public policy and management. As the infrastructure profession evolves, the education system that trains its future members must reflect its growing breadth. 


This workshop seeks to identify innovation currently underway in education as well as future opportunities for sharing information, collaboration and program development. We will bring together a select group of individuals who have been identified as key innovators in their fields of expertise. The conference will:


·        Create a network of educators and practitioners committed to the advancement of civil infrastructure education

·        Engage participants in discussions and presentations of existing innovative curriculums and programs from across the country, including new thinking about the life-cycle and methodology of teaching and learning

·        Provide a forum to discuss and develop new innovative programs

·        Identify strategies for overcoming obstacles that limit change and innovation

·        Present real world examples of interdisciplinary projects that challenge traditional assumptions of civil infrastructure decision making

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