Information Exchange: Events

Mini-Forum on Performance Measurement Assessment

Glucksman Ireland House - New York, NY, USA
Dec 11, 1998

From Event Summary:

"The Mini-forum on performance measures is part of the plan for the Performance Measurement Assessment program in ICIS to develop user and community-based measures for infrastructure. Prior to the forum, measures were compiled from numerous sources, and divided into a preliminary and hypothetical list of those that users and communities relate to. At the mini-forum, various interests were brought together to brainstorm about the measures, how they react to these measures, and whether or not they thought any dimensions were lacking. After the mini-forum, a series of interviews are planned and a workshop to develop these measures further. Interviews of users and community interests will be used as a check on the formulation and coverage of the measures. Interviews of agencies will ascertain whether in fact these measures are in use now, and if not, what barriers exist to their incorporation."






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