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Salvadori Charrette 1998: New York 200

City College of New York - New York, NY, USA
Jun 15, 1998

Under the leadership of Lorraine Whitman, ICIS sponsored a one-day children’s program under the auspices of the New York International Festival of the Arts. New York 200 took place in May, 1998, and provided an opportunity for students in the middle grades to participate in an arts-oriented xperience focussing on infrastructure. Ten teams of young teens from ten of the city’s public middle schools created visions of “the heart of New York” in 2098, the 200th anniversary of the final consolidation of the five boroughs into a single city. These one hundred youngsters were brought
together in the Great Hall of City College with volunteer architects and engineers by the Salvadori Center, which runs programs in each of their schools. At the end of this all-day design event (charrette), the students presented the results of their team’s projected cityscapes. In addition to
familiar and futuristic landmarks, transportation was oserved to be a common theme.

This event served to introduce students to the critical importance of infrastructure for a sustainable future New York City. It also served to stimulate student interest in future careers in the infrastructure professions by pairing students with architects and engineers from prominent firms and from academia. The Salvadori Center coordinated and collaborated with ICIS on this event and the New York International Festival on the Arts/Arts in Education Week.

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