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Lorraine Whitman

Executive Director, Salvadori Center

Lorraine Whitman is Executive Director of the Salvadori Center. Before joining the Salvadori Center in 1994, Dr. Whitman was a senior research engineer at Weidlinger Associates and prior to that, an adjunct assistant professor at New York City Community College and acting chairperson of the Astronomy Division of Queens College. Among her publications and presentations are Developing Successful Technology Education Programs, Teaching Mathematics and the Salvadori Methodology, and The Salvadori Program and Interdisciplinary Learning. The Salvadori Center, an affiliate of City College of New York, engages middle school students in the study of science and mathematics through hands-on projects focused on the built environment. Its programs, targeting children of disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds,. integrate the study of diverse kinds of civil infrastructure with the teaching of the core curriculum. Numerous books and teaching manuals which lend themselves to adaptation to ICIS programs already exist (Salvadori, 1994; Salvadori and Tempel, 1983; and Salvadori, 1990). Education: B.S., Queens College, Physics; M.S. and Ph.D., New York University, Physics.

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