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Rock Miller

Former Project Manager, ICIS

Rock Miller, former Project Manager from 1999 to 2001, came to ICIS from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of New York. As assistant director and manager in the agency's Capital Programs office, he managed the development and amendment of the New York City Transit portion of the MTA’s capital program, and the ongoing oversight of capital project budgets for NYC Transit projects. He developed and administered the MTA’s planning framework for long-range capital needs assessment, including the development of a system for inventory and condition rating of the MTA’s capital assets, and for projecting asset replacement and improvement costs over a 20-year period, which was used to guide the ongoing development of the MTA’s capital program and to provide capital investment input for various studies (for instance, a study of the lasting economic benefits of mass transit investment conducted by Cambridge Systematics). He administered the MTA’s standard methods for benefit-cost evaluation of capital projects, and adapted these methods for use in the ISTEA-funded Major Investment Studies, including the Long Island Rail Road East Side Access study, and Manhattan East Side Alternatives study. He created and revised methods for evaluating capital program performance and reporting it to the MTA Board, and he advised management consultants on the MTA’s capital project planning, budgeting, and costing requirements, as part of the MTA’s ongoing program to modernize its capital program management systems. Rock holds an M.U.P degree from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service and a B.A. in History (magna cum laude) from Carleton College.




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