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Theory and Practice: Confirming Studentsí Interest and Holding Their Attention

Author: Judy Jackson

"The goals outlined for the CIS Education workshop are focused and timely. In almost every facet of American life, there is a growing imperative for collaborative thinking, international perspective, and integrative approaches to the challenges we face in an increasingly global society, where the problems we tackle often are ill-defined. While technological advancement seems rapid, it often is outpaced by the development of new circumstances and the demand for still newer technology. At a time when the need for collaboration and concerted effort is greatest, industry and academia seem to be engaged in an awkward pas de deux, in which our steps are uncoordinated and our rhythm halting


 How do we more effectively grapple with today’s challenges and better prepare our students to handle tomorrow’s? Our graduates will need a tolerance for ambiguity and the skills that will enable them to work in the midst of uncertainty. They must be able to identify and put to use a multiplicity of resources, while maintaining a sense of ethics and legitimacy. How can today’s educational experience offer this kind of training? I believe that the best chance for this to happen is when theory and practice are complements in the students’ educational experience."

Date Created: November 1999; Date Posted: April 2006





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