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Educating the Infrastructure Professional: A New Curriculum for a New Discipline

Author: Richard G. Little

"The United States has the most extensive, complex, and arguably the most sophisticated system of public infrastructure in the world. This linked system of facilities and activities provides the broad range of essential services that support our economic well-being and overall quality of life. In light of the critical role that infrastructure plays in our everyday lives, and the many challenges facing the owners and operators of these systems, professionals of the highest caliber are needed to support and manage the nation’s infrastructure. This paper suggests that existing university curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels are generally inadequate to provide the necessary integrated and cross-disciplinary training required for infrastructure professionals. A focused activity should be undertaken to assess the educational needs and the adequacy of the training of those professionals and propose necessary curricula improvements."

Date Created: November 1999; Date Posted: April 2006






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