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Shaping an Ecological and Aesthetic Perspective in Civil Engineering Education and Practice

Author: Nancy Rutledge Connery

"Key Points


·        We—as professionals and as citizens—need a new mental model for thinking about civil infrastructure systems, the built environment and related education programs that resonates with the dynamism, grace and unity of living systems.


·        Strengthening communities—both biological and cultural—is the most important priority for building, renewing and integrating civil infrastructure systems along environmental values.


·        Civil engineering professionals should be encouraged to expand their palette of creative approaches to problem solving through intensive continuing education, multi-disciplinary collaborations and extensive consultation with stakeholders.


·         To accomplish the above, we need to infuse civil engineering education with a clear understanding of the complex social and environmental conditions that affect and, in turn, are affected by civil infrastructure issues and respect for the power of collaboration and consultation in resolving many of these issues."




Date Created: November 1999; Date Posted: April 2006






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