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Geospatial Data Management - A Business Perspective

Author: Jury Konga

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"This paper presents a high level view of geospatial data management needs and proposes a model to address those needs. To establish a context for this discussion, we need to define what business we're in, our business data requirements, and some overall data management needs.


A geospatial data infrastructure is defined based on some key governing principles, and an enterprise model that is comprised of: core data acquisition and maintenance, data standards, supportive policies, data discovery and access, business coordination and partnering supported by enabling technology. The model is discussed relative to key focal points: the nature of geospatial data, a standards approach to data management, data discovery and access tools for data management. An incremental approach to implementation is suggested together with some concluding thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for geospatial data management.

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Date Created: October 2000; Date Posted: February 2007






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