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GIS for Infrastructure Applications: Progress and Issues

Author: Michael F. Goodchild

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"Geographic information systems date from the 1960s, when the first was developed by IBM under contract to the Canadian Government. That first GIS bears little resemblance to the systems of today, not only because hardware and software have progressed enormously—more importantly, the needs it was designed to satisfy originated in the difficulties humans experience in performing manual analyses and making statistical reports from maps. Today’s GISs are far more complex systems, run on a variety of platforms from desktop PCs and laptops to large enterprise  mainframes, and perform functions that range from the display of data in map form to complex analyses. Today, GIS software sales amount to roughly $1 billion per year worldwide, and investments in data acquisition amount to at least an order of magnitude more than that. The handling of geographic information in digital form has truly come of age."

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Date Created: October 2000; Date Posted: February 2007






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