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Small Community Outreach Project for Environmental Issues

Author: Deborah Rosenbloom

"SCOPe is a community-based initiative to engage elected officials and staff of local governments in discussions contributing to early regulatory development. SCOPe was created to bridge the gap between small entities and the federal regulators by discussing areas of potential concern with representatives of small entities during the preproposal stage of a rulemaking. Findings are widely disseminated to policy makers, rulewriters and other interested organizations. SCOPe meetings and discussions are led by faculty in graduate programs of public affairs and administration and/or Local Government Institutes. These programs and institutes regularly provide development, training, and evaluation services to local governments and are members of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. The SCOPe outreach network is built on this extraordinary resource and the trusted relationships that exist between local governments and NASPAA programs. As neutral experts with a public service mission SCOPe teams bring the highest caliber of professional expertise to the early consultation process."

Date Created: October 2001; Date Posted: February 2007





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