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Solar Power: The Utilization of Photovoltaics as a Distributed Supplemental Energy Source in NYC

Author: Allison Drury and Cary Hirschstein

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"There exists today a vital need for the implementation of alternative energy sources in cities across the United States. Issues of homeland security at a local and national level, attention to the negative environmental effects of traditional energy resources, imbalances between supply and demand, rolling brownouts during peak energy periods and the need for high performance systems that promote economic savings on energy expenditures are among the leading forces driving this necessity. New York City is no exception to these concerns, and solutions are drastically needed to be implemented in the coming decade. Those recognizing this urgency have looked to the large number and variety of renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and hydrogen power. Among them, solar energy stands out for use in urban areas because of its potential as an infrastructure system that may be implemented as a supplemental source on an individual basis, building by building. Photovoltaic arrays, solar thermal units and passive solar use all serve as effective means to harness solar income. This paper will specifically examine the advantages, limitations and overall feasibility of the utilization of photovoltaic (PV) technology as a distributed supplemental energy source in New York City."

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Date Created: June 2003; Date Posted: February 2007





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