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Research Needs for Civil Infrastructure Systems Management

Author: Kristen L. Sanford Bernhardt, Ph.D.

Publication type: Acrobat PDF

"While civil infrastructure research has been going on for decades, it was typically scattered across disciplines, and it usually focused more on the design and construction of new facilities than on the maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of existing facilities. More recently, a focus on the latter half of the facility lifecycle has emerged as “civil systems management” or “infrastructure management.” The foundation lies in a civil engineering based understanding of how the systems function, while the solutions to the problems lie in the application of concepts from disciplines ranging from materials science to finance to computer science. As all of these disciplines continue to evolve, new approaches to problems become feasible. However, at the same time, as we address known problems, new problems are created. The following sections outline briefly some of the continuing research needs in the area."

Date Created: August 2000; Date Posted: March 2002





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