Information Exchange: Publications

An Infrastructure Institutional Research Agenda

Author: Jonathan L. Gifford

"The ownership, management and regulation of infrastructure networks have traditionally been fairly independent. Industrial organization and public agency jurisdiction have tended to reflect the distinct physical networks, as have the associated professional and academic research disciplines. Cross-cutting assessments have long been available in the public utility literature.

but it has not emphasized networked infrastructure facilities.

physical networks in an institutional context, however.

Important institutional changes are occurring in the structure and regulation of infrastructure networks worldwide in, for example, telecommunications, electric power and air traffic control. The most common motivation for restructuring is a desire to capture the flexibility, adaptability, innovation and access to capital that is characteristic of healthy market institutions.

Following is a list of 17 research areas on institutional issues, from system wide planning to equity to safety and security to national competitiveness. These research areas are discussed in the context of the current restructuring of many infrastructure networks."

Date Created: October 2001; Date Posted: March 2002






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