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Web SiteSalvadori Center/ICIS Charrette
ID No. 21

posted: March 13, 2002
by: ICIS

Created: March 13, 2002
Description: On the 23rd of May, 2000, one hundred Savadori kids and their volunteer mentors had an intense and exciting day designing and building space colonies for the year 2167. Split into 9 working groups, they had been challenged to design a safe haven for their Clan on Planet Alpha around a distant star before their oxygen ran out and their protective magnetic shields weakened. Fueled by carbos - bagels, pizza and cookies - groups worked intensely at building sustainable environments in hostile terrain. All around the room, the buzz was focused on how oxygen could be manufactured and preserved, and on how to best utilize the limited supplies remaining after their long and arduous journey from Earth. Using soda bottles, plastic tubing, brightly colored cardboard, wild imagination and more, each group constructed models with five interconnected pods including areas for habitation, recreation, education, farming, industry and government. Most vitally, they imagined the infrastructure of the future that would connect their Clan to others in the Colony as well as to Planet Earth. Their completed designs were so compelling that presenters were peppered with questions, long and hard, about the intricacies of their models!

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