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The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has a two facet traffic count program aimed at collecting traffic pattern data on state and non-state highways. On state highways, predominantly arterials, NYSDOT conducts 24-hour machine counts all year round at 100 permanent stations, throughout New York City. The machine traffic counts are complemented with manual traffic counts aimed at obtaining estimates of traffic composition by type of vehicle. The Highway Data Services Bureau unit of NYSDOT aggregates the counts. On non-state highways, including city and local streets such as those in the study area, the state conducts similar counts at only 900 stations in the whole of New York, over a period of 3 years. The traffic counts are conducted for a selected week per station, which means each location has a record of a week’s count every three years.

The map below shows the spatial traffic data produced by the NYSDOT traffic count program. However, the available traffic data only covers the main primary highway system.

For more information on transportation and traffic in the South Bronx, see Chapter 3, page 19 of the Phase I Report: Transportation and Traffic. *Phase I Report.
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