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Forum on Critical Infrastructure and Continuity of Services in an Increasingly Interdependent World
Geneva, UNK, CHE, Oct 28, 2003—Oct 29, 2003
Historical and Future Perspectives on Risk Perception and Communications
Beijing, , China, Nov 21, 1998—Nov 28, 1998
I3P Control Systems Security Workshop
Houston, TX, USA, Feb 15, 2007—Feb 16, 2007
IEEE SMC 2004 International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
The Hague, , Netherlands, Oct 10, 2004—Oct 13, 2004
INFORMS Annual Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Nov 5, 2006—Nov 8, 2006
Infrastructure and the Health of Cities and Regions
New York, NY, USA, Sep 18, 1998—Sep 19, 1998
Infrastructure and Waste Management: An Integrated Perspective
New York, NY, USA, Feb 19, 1999
Integrating Art, Design and Engineering in the Public Realm
Brooklyn, NY, USA, May 7, 1999
International Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference
New York, NY, USA, Sep 17, 1998
International Research Seminar: Social Sustainability of Technological Networks
New York, NY, USA, Apr 17, 2001—Apr 21, 2001
Invisible Construction Conference
New York, NY, USA, Nov 17, 1998
K-12 Education Workshop
New York, NY, USA, Aug 20, 1998
Learning From Urban Disasters: NSF Response and Opportunities for Future Research Workshop
New York, NY, USA, Dec 12, 2001—Dec 13, 2001
Life Extension Technologies Third International Workshop 2001
Brooklyn, NY, USA, Oct 1, 2001—Oct 2, 2001
Managing Urban Development Through Innovative Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Planning
Vienna, , Austria, Aug 30, 1998
Mini-Forum on Performance Measurement Assessment
New York, NY, USA, Dec 11, 1998
National Forum on Advanced GIS Applications and Database Needs for Civil Infrastructure Systems
Brooklyn, NY, USA, Oct 26, 2000—Oct 27, 2000
New Paradigms for Local Public Transportation Organizations
Washington, DC, USA, Jan 11, 1999—Jan 14, 1999
NYC Power Struggle: Ensuring that Electricity Can Be Taken for Granted
New York, NY, USA, Feb 21, 2006
Panel discussion on Hurricane Katrina and Vulnerability
New York, NY, USA, Sep 30, 2005

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