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Art Lembo
Senior Research Associate and Lecturer, Cornell University
Marine Lericolais
Richard Little
Director of the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment, National Research Council
Raymond Loehr
Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Texas
Vivian Loftness
Theodore Lowi
Nancy Mantell
Director, Rutgers Economic Advisory Services, Rutgers University
Glennys Marmolejos
Former Undergraduate Work Study Student,
James Matteson
G.L. McAllister
Francis McArdle
Managing Director, General Contractors Association of New York, Inc.
Melony McGuire
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Massiel Medina
Former Project Manager, ICIS
Arnim Meyburg
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Michael Meyer
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Henry Michel
Chair, NA
Ann Michel
Queeny, NA
Justin Miller
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Rock Miller
Former Project Manager, ICIS
Tianran Ming
Ph.D. Candidate in the Planning Program at the USC, University of Southern California

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