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Stephen James
Resident Engineer, Earth Tech
Jo Ivey Boufford
Co-Chair, NA
Jeremy Isenberg
Thomas Horan
Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Claremont Information and Technology Institute, Claremont Graduate University
José Holguín-Veras
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, The City College of New York
Cary Hirschstein
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Ray Hartwell
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Stuart Harris
Richard Hanley
New York City Technical College, The City University of New York
Roy Guzman
Former Undergraduate Work Study Student, ICIS
John Grubbs
Sigurd Grava
Professor of Urban Planning, Columbia University
Cameron Gordon
Assistant Professor, University of California
John Gorczynski
NYU School of Medicine Department of Environmental Medicine
Michael Goodchild
Professor and Chair, Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara, National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Julia Goldschmidt
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Nathan Gilbertson
Former ICIS Director of Outreach and Development, ICIS
Joseph Giglio
Jonathan Gifford
Professor of Transportation and Planning, George Mason University
Masoud Ghandehari
Assistant Professor, Polytechnic University of NY

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