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Nancy Rutledge Connery
Consultant, Writer, and Lecturer, NA
Dipak Roy
Polytechnic University of NY
Dennis Ross
Director of Professional Development, American Public Works Association (APWA)
Roger Roess
Professor of Transportation Engineering, Polytechnic University of NY
Daniel Rodriguez
Assistant Professor and Research Fellow in the Department of City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Nicolas Rockler
Dr., NA
Michael Replogle
Annie Raven Vanrenterghem
John Purdum
Vincent Phillip
Former Exchange Student, ENTPE, Lyon, France
William Petak
Professor of Public Administration, University of Southern California
Anthony Perl
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Calgary
Brad Penuel
Director, Center for Catastophe Preparedness and Response, New York University
L.T. Papay
Qisheng Pan
Ph.D Candidate in Transportation Planning, University of Southern California
Robert (Buz) Paaswell
Professor of Civil Engineering, City University of New York
Michael Oppenheimer
Barbara Olds
Tom O'Rourke
Professor of Engineering (Co-chair of ICIS Executive Committee), Cornell University
Courtney O'Reilly
Administrative Assistant, ICIS

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