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ICIS Conference on the Coordinated Renewal of Civil Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Human Environments (Conference Report)

Author: Carlos Restrepo and Professor Rae Zimmerman

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The sustainability of community development connotes human activities that are in balance with the Earth’s resources and do not exceed its capacity. Infrastructure is a major component of community development and as such the extent to which infrastructure promotes sustainability is a critical issue. ICIS selected the coordinated renewal of infrastructure in light of sustainability as a major thrust or organizing principle for its programs.

This conference was ICIS' key event to explore the relationship between the coordinated renewal of infrastructure and sustainability with participants from a wide variety of disciplines. In addition, to identifying some of these relationships, the major outcome of the conference was to derive directions or an agenda for ICIS in light of the concept of sustainability.

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Date Created: August 1999; Date Posted: June 2002






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