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Carlos Restrepo

Research Scientist, ICIS

Carlos Restrepo is a research scientist at ICIS. His main areas of research include infrastructure security, environmental quality and public health, and environmental policy. In the area of infrastructure security his work has concentrated on analyzing outage and failure data in the electricity and oil & gas sectors, and studying interdependencies among infrastructure systems. Carlos is also project manager for the ICIS component of the South Bronx Environmental Health and Policy Study. This is a joint project between NYU's Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, ICIS/Wagner and four South Bronx community groups. The main goal of the ICIS component of the project is to examine transportation and waste management activities in the South Bronx and to relate them to environmental quality and public health issues. Carlos has a PhD in Public Administration from NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. His dissertation topic was the association between asthma hospitalizations and air pollution in New York City. Before coming to NYU, Carlos worked for three years in El Salvador as a policy analyst for FUSADES, a non-profit organization, and worked in environmental, energy, telecommunications, and science and technology policy studies. He holds a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Lehigh University, and a M.S. in International Development and Appropriate Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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