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1999 Life Extension Technologies International Workshop
Long Island City, New York, USA, Aug 25, 1999—Aug 26, 1999
2000 Life Extension Technologies Forum: Urban Application of Trenchless Technology
Long Island City, NY, USA, Jun 29, 2000
2006 World Planning Schools Congress
Mexico City, , Mexico, Jul 11, 2006—Jul 16, 2006
39th Annual Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS '06)
Kauai, HI, USA, Jan 4, 2006—Jan 7, 2006
Afghanistan: Rebuilding a Nation
Chicago, IL, USA, Jun 8, 2003—Jun 10, 2003
American Planning Association 2006 National Planning Conference, Local Strategies to Achieve Sustainability
San Antonio, TX, USA, Apr 22, 2006—Apr 26, 2006
ASCE Conference on Biological and Chemical Attacks on Transit Infrastructure and Buildings
New York, NY, USA, Jan 26, 1999
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Twentieth Annual Research Conference
New York, NY, USA, Oct 29, 1998—Oct 31, 1998
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ASCP) 2006 Annual Conference
Fort Worth, TX, USA, Nov 9, 2006—Nov 12, 2006
Best Practices in Participatory Decision Making
New York, NY, USA, Oct 26, 2001—Oct 27, 2001
Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment
Irvine, CA, USA, Jan 22, 1999
Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure
Arlington, VA, USA, Jun 25, 2001—Jun 27, 2001
Civil Infrastructure Protection (CIP) R&D Workshop for Academic and Federal Lab R&D Providers
Washington, DC, USA, Jun 29, 2005
Collaborative Planning for Land Use and Transportation: Lessons Learned from Pilot Sustainable Development Studies in the New York Metropolitan Region
New York, NY, US, Sep 15, 2004
Coordinated Renewal of Civil Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Human Environments
New York, NY, USA, Apr 21, 1999—Apr 22, 1999
Earth Dialogues
New York, NY, USA, Oct 7, 2003
Enrique Peņalosa: Sustainable and Egalitarian Urban Development Policy
New York, NY, USA, Apr 4, 2003
First Annual Conference on Infrastracture Priorities: National Infrastructure Research Agenda (NIRA)
Washington, DC, USA, Oct 24, 2001—Oct 26, 2001
Focus Groups on Performance Measurement, Boston, MA
Boston, MA, USA, Nov 30, 1999—Dec 1, 1999
Focus Groups on Performance Measurement, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA, USA, Dec 14, 1999

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