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Athanasios Ziliaskopoulos
Mianhua Zhong
NYU School of Medicine Department of Environmental Medicine
Richard Wright
Chair of the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (BICE), National Research Council
Eric Woods
Lorraine Whitman
Executive Director, Salvadori Center
Richard Wener
Detlof von Winterfeldt
Professor of Public Policy and Management, University of Southern California
Christine Uy
Cornell University
Costas Toregas
George Thurston
Associate Professor, NYU School of Medicine Department of Environmental Medicine
Ellen Thorson
Luis Suarez-Villa
Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of California (Irvine)
Kathleen Stein
Principal and Founding Partner, Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc.
Roy Sparrow
Professor of Public Administration (ICIS Director of Educational Programs), New York University
Debby Sotelo
Kate Slevin
Former Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
M Shinozuka
Richard Schuler
Professor of Economics and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
Elliot Sander
Director, Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management
David Sackey

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