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Public Infrastructure Support for Protective Emergency Services

Protective emergency services, such as emergency management, health, police and fire protection, routinely depend upon a wide range of traditional infrastructure support services, including transportation, energy, water, environmental protection, and communication infrastructure, to provide and deploy human resources, goods, and information in times of crisis. This project identifies relationships between these two types of service areas – traditional infrastructure and emergency services - and vulnerabilities and choke points created at interconnection points among them during emergencies. The purpose is to provide resources to prepare managers and operators of both traditional infrastructure services and emergency services with ways to incorporate each others’ needs into the design of their respective services. The project goal is to help develop easily communicated emergency procedures for infrastructure managers that focus on the key interconnections between traditional infrastructure and protective services and the vulnerabilities in these linkages created by emergency conditions. The outputs include: criteria to identify interconnections between emergency services and other infrastructure; two workshops to obtain input from practitioners and academicians; a demonstration of actual interconnection points in selected geographic areas and service sectors and a review of prototypical interconnections and vulnerabilities; and methods to disseminate results.

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