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Zero Emissions Development
WTC Disaster Research Support Site
Workshop on Integrated Research for Civil Infrastructure -- Final Report
Author: Zimmerman, R. and Sparrow, R.; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Workshop on Integrated Research for Civil Infrastructure -- Appendix Papers
USEPA Summer Inernships 2003
Urban Application of Trenchless Technology: Social Costs and Model Contract Practices, A Summary Report of the 2000 Life Extension Technologies Forum
Author: Mara Cusker and Stephen James; Type: Acrobat PDF;
U.S. Department of Energy's Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Transit Performance Measures
Author: Sigurd Grava; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Towards a 21 st Century agenda of freight transportation
Author: José Holguín-Veras, Ph.D., P.E.;
Theory and Practice: Confirming Students’ Interest and Holding Their Attention
Author: Judy Jackson;
The Use of GIS and Statistical Analysis for the Preventative Maintenance of Pipelines
Author: Ewe-Leng Lim, P.E., Technical Manager, Roy F. Weston, Inc.;
The Public Uses Technology to Analyze a Decision
Author: Martha A. Rozelle, Ph.D.;
The Infrastructure Informer, September 2003
The Infrastructure Crisis: Are we there yet?
Author: Sue McNeil;
The Fractal Theory of Sustainable Infrastructure
Author: L.T. Papay, G.L. McAllister;
The Evolving Knowledge and Skill Requirements of America's Civil Infrastructure Managers
Author: Roy Sparrow; Type: Website;
The Engineer’s Dilemma – The Educator’s Opportunity
Author: James H. Matteson;
The Digital Divide: Reviewing the Evidence
Author: Aimee Molloy;
The Changed Primacy: Thoughts on a Research Agenda for Infrastructures Moving People and Goods
Author: Richard Hanley;

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