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GIS for Infrastructure Applications: Progress and Issues
Author: Michael F. Goodchild; Type: Acrobat PDF;
GIS data make the world go round
Author: Dr. Costis Toregas, President, PTI; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Geospatial Data Management - A Business Perspective
Author: Jury Konga; Type: Acrobat PDF;
From the Seaport to Silicon Alley: A History of Technology in NYC
Fashioning an Ecological View of Civil Infrastructure Systems
Author: Nancy Rutledge Connery;
Evaluating Water Distribution System Damage at the World Trade Center
Author: Art Lembo; Type: Website;
Evaluating the Benefits of Mitigation for Lifeline Systems
Author: Patricia Grossi, P.E., Howard Kunreuther;
Engineering the City: How Infrastructure Works, Projects and Principles for Beginners
Author: Matthias Levy and Richard Panchyk; Type: Website;
Enabling Technologies for Project Supply Chain Collaboration
Author: Dr. William O'Brien;
Electric Power Research Institute
Educational Requirements for Civil Infrastructure Managers: What Should They Know and When Should They Know It?
Author: Cameron Gordon;
Educating the Infrastructure Professional: A New Curriculum for a New Discipline
Author: Richard G. Little;
Educating Managers for Integrative Thinking
Author: Roy Sparrow;
Earthquake Damage of Residential Building Structures
Author: Art Lembo; Type: Website;
Developing Performance Measures for Complex Evaluations: An Introduction and an Application to Upgrading Infrastructure Systems
Author: Detlof VonWinterfeldt; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Developing a Framework for the Analysis of Infrastructure Performance: A Transportation Example
Author: John C. Falcocchio, Armin H. Meyberg;
Decision Analysis in Public Participation: Experiences, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations
Author: John Lathrop, Ph.D.;
Coordinated Renewal of Civil Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Human Environments
Author: William Petak and Richard E. Schuler;
Community Engagement in End-Use Energy Infrastructure
Author: Michael Bobker, MS., CEM;

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