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The Accessible Opportunities Concept as a Performance Measure for Evaluating Transportation Systems: An Application to Traffic Congestion
Montreal, , Canada, May 5, 1999
Integrating Art, Design and Engineering in the Public Realm
Brooklyn, NY, USA, May 7, 1999
Salvadori Charrette 1999: Connect 2100
New York, NY, USA, Jun 7, 1999
Workshop on Civil Infrastructure Systems (CIS) Education
Brooklyn, NY, USA, Jun 11, 1999—Jun 12, 1999
1999 Life Extension Technologies International Workshop
Long Island City, New York, USA, Aug 25, 1999—Aug 26, 1999
Focus Groups on Performance Measurement, Boston, MA
Boston, MA, USA, Nov 30, 1999—Dec 1, 1999
Focus Groups on Performance Measurement, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA, USA, Dec 14, 1999
Planning Workshop for the National Forum on Advanced GIS Applications for Civil Infrastructure Systems
New York, NY, USA, Apr 24, 2000
Salvadori Charrette 2000: Colony 2167 – Models for the Future
New York, NY, USA, May 23, 2000
2000 Life Extension Technologies Forum: Urban Application of Trenchless Technology
Long Island City, NY, USA, Jun 29, 2000
National Forum on Advanced GIS Applications and Database Needs for Civil Infrastructure Systems
Brooklyn, NY, USA, Oct 26, 2000—Oct 27, 2000
International Research Seminar: Social Sustainability of Technological Networks
New York, NY, USA, Apr 17, 2001—Apr 21, 2001
Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure
Arlington, VA, USA, Jun 25, 2001—Jun 27, 2001
Life Extension Technologies Third International Workshop 2001
Brooklyn, NY, USA, Oct 1, 2001—Oct 2, 2001
First Annual Conference on Infrastracture Priorities: National Infrastructure Research Agenda (NIRA)
Washington, DC, USA, Oct 24, 2001—Oct 26, 2001
Best Practices in Participatory Decision Making
New York, NY, USA, Oct 26, 2001—Oct 27, 2001
Learning From Urban Disasters: NSF Response and Opportunities for Future Research Workshop
New York, NY, USA, Dec 12, 2001—Dec 13, 2001
Second Annual Conference on Infrastructure Priorities: Advancing Innovation - Educating Infrastructure Professionals to Make a Difference
Glen Cove, NY, USA, Jul 17, 2002—Jul 19, 2002
The 3rd Annual Tri-State Transit Symposium
New York, NY, USA, Oct 25, 2002
Enrique Peñalosa: Sustainable and Egalitarian Urban Development Policy
New York, NY, USA, Apr 4, 2003

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