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Rae Zimmerman
Professor of Planning and Public Administration (ICIS Director and PI), New York University
Laura Steinberg
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Southern Methodist University
Jeffrey Simonoff
Professor of Statistics and Andre Meyer Faculty Fellow, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University
Carlos Restrepo
Research Scientist, ICIS
Wendy Remington
Assistant Research Scientist, ICIS
Zvia Naphtali
Research Scientist, Clinical Professor of Public Administration, NYU
Becca Nagorsky
Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Michael Lear
Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Ake Holmgren
Visitng Scholar, KTH
Michael Greenberg
Professor and Associate Dean of the Faculty, Rutgers University
Alison Culpen
Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS
Sara Clark
Graduate Research Assistant, ICIS

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