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ICIS Conference on the Coordinated Renewal of Civil Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable Human Environments (Conference Report)
Author: Carlos Restrepo and Professor Rae Zimmerman; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Gowanus Expressway Rehabilitation
Author: Carlos E. Restrepo; Type: Acrobat PDF; Sector: Transportation;
GIS for Infrastructure Applications: Progress and Issues
Author: Michael F. Goodchild; Type: Acrobat PDF;
GIS data make the world go round
Author: Dr. Costis Toregas, President, PTI; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Geospatial Data Management - A Business Perspective
Author: Jury Konga; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Developing Performance Measures for Complex Evaluations: An Introduction and an Application to Upgrading Infrastructure Systems
Author: Detlof VonWinterfeldt; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Civil Infrastructure Systems and GIS Applications: The People Piece
Author: Martha Farnsworth Riche; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Chicago Transit Authority Green Line Rehabilitation
Author: Nathan Gilbertson; Type: Acrobat PDF; Sector: Transportation;
Challenges of Infrastructure Asset Managemnent
Author: Michael J. Garvin, Ph.D., P.E.1; Type: Acrobat PDF;
Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure: A workshop to develop a research agenda Fact Sheet
Boston Harbor Wastewater Infrastructure Renewal
Author: Carlos E. Restrepo; Type: Acrobat PDF; Sector: Wastewater;
Advanced GIS Applications for Civil Infrastructure Systems
Author: C.O. Uy and Thomas O'Rourke; Type: Acrobat PDF;
A Case Study in Infrastructure Planning: South Bay Water Recycling Program, San Jose, California
Author: Mara Cusker; Type: Acrobat PDF; Sector: Water;
2001 Life Extension Technologies Agenda
2000 Life Extension Technologies Forum Agenda
Towards a 21 st Century agenda of freight transportation
Author: José Holguín-Veras, Ph.D., P.E.;
Theory and Practice: Confirming Students’ Interest and Holding Their Attention
Author: Judy Jackson;
The Use of GIS and Statistical Analysis for the Preventative Maintenance of Pipelines
Author: Ewe-Leng Lim, P.E., Technical Manager, Roy F. Weston, Inc.;
The Public Uses Technology to Analyze a Decision
Author: Martha A. Rozelle, Ph.D.;
The Infrastructure Crisis: Are we there yet?
Author: Sue McNeil;

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